How it works

Centralized hotspot with cloud management

For our platform we use MikroTik routers for the captive portal (Hotspot) which redirects the users to our servers in Europe for the login process. The hotspot can be customized via a web dashboard and is functioning only on a MikroTik router within a customer's LAN and not on every existing access point (AP). This means one can have any number of APs of any brand (Ubiquiti/Cisco/OpenMesh etc.) behind the MikroTik router without any compatibility issues. This also means that you won't have to change any APs in current installations (assuming they are performing well) and won't have to reconfigure them with our software. The platform supports Android, Apple, and Windows devices. It utilizes SSL for end-to-end security and it is hosted on high-availability (redundant) systems (99,9%).

Disclaimer: Our software requires an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to work. JoinMyWifi is not an Internet Service Provider company. The Client must have a subscription to an Internet Service Provider for the service to work. Service does not include Wi-Fi maintenance. This is the responsibility of the network administrator of each business.

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